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January 24, 2018

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Over the past few decades, Nigeria has emerged as among the key political leaders in Africa. Despite a long past of under-performance, driven primarily by leadership and visioning problems, it remains a key global strategic energy partner. It has crude oil and thus the capacity to influence the dynamics of global commerce and industry. See naija news 24 for further details.

The vision 2010 which had been later modified into Vision 2020 was such a project. However, becoming a singular sector initiative, it offers gone how those projects go – a waste of public funds. A project that is taken as of significance to national honor and pride has more probability of winning the active commitment of the people rather being seen as another government project or worse, another government agenda. Take a look at chief ralph uwazuruike for more facts.

Nigeria Might Do Better Without Buhari

Our nation remains governed within a political system of extreme stagnation and avalanche partisanship. A system that breeds venoms with opportunity to destroy the heartbeat that keeps the nation moving forward. They have created a syndrome that is constantly prevent the nation from using the gains of oil sales to advance the citizens, the infrastructure and give Nigeria a needed clout in the global arena. Find more biafra latest news here.

On the flip side, the disparities within the ethnic groups have existed for a long period. Even in the background of Nigeria, one may are in agreement with the writer that it was the cultural or ethnic differences which propelled polarize ideologies that made indirect rule during the colonial era to be successful in the north and failed in the south. Also, it was the manifestation of such differences that made the people from the southern part of Nigeria to demand for independence in 1958 when the northern representatives said they are not ready. After independence was finally achieved in 1960, many ethnic groups have shown secession tendencies. A few of these secession moves by some ethnic groups lead to a full blown civil war while some were overtaken by dialogue for the achievement of peace and development in the areas concerned.

Therefore, it is really not impossible for Nigeria to discuss zero tolerance to crime. If the citizens can be motivated to take it as a a national challenge; we could even be able to return a whole lot honor to policing again, such that the particular corruption that is certainly an assumed in our country will be an issue that will have become a matter of history.