Indonesian Resort Island Crossword Clue

Tidung Island or Pulau Tidung is surely an island in Thousand Islands. Tidung becomes famous as a consequence of “Jembatan Cinta” or “Bridge of Love” which connects Pulau Tidung Besar (The Better Tidung Island) and Pulau Tidung Kecil (The Smaller Tidung Island). Besides Bridge of affection where people can jump, visitors can also play water sport and do snorkeling. This tropical isle offers you colorful collection of coral reefs, tropical fish and exotic sea creatures. For this reason this island was chosen as DG Family holiday destination.

The slim width from the land gives Pulau Tidung an interestingly unique shape. A sliver of your island, split by way of a single, small road with nothing to your left or right but beautiful stretches of sandy, white beaches and clear blue waters all around the entire coast from the island. Tidung waters are usually shallow, and almost overgrown with coral reefs which can be in excellent condition and so are teeming using a colourful variety of tropical fish and exotic sea creatures.

Walking. You can walk across the Bridge of Love to the island Tidung Kecil. In the bridge you will see the coral reefs and fish below the surface – small fish that live near to the side in the wooden bridge. Bridge of Love is a superb place to see sunrise and sunset too and in order to try out your courage, you may jump the 10 meters from the bridge into the sea.

Pulau Tidung Island Holidays And Boating In Indonesia

If we had reached the Villa within our Paket Pulau Tidung, we were greeted with delicious lunch and given a period of time to relax. The rest time was adopted by some of us to learn the Greater Tidung Island. Some were cycling and several others were on foot. Before 01.00 pm, we all had already within the Villa to put together ourselves for your first activity that is snorkeling.

For snorkeling activity, we expected to ride a small boat. Arrived in the first snorkeling location; we began to jump in the water. Some people could not swim but still chose to take thing about this activity. Well, why should we be frightened if we were wearing life jacket. Another reason why we were not scared was fellow members of DG Family would always allow us to once we needed it. This trust continues to be built for four years and definately will grow stronger and stronger each year.

Due to unfriendly weather, we could not proceed to the second and third snorkeling location. However we might allocate the other time for the second activity in Pulau Seribu that has been water sport activity. We had been delivered to water sport activity location which at Bridge of Love. We spent around 3 hours for your second activity.

After every one of us had our fun, we had been escorted again to our villa. As soon as we arrived, dinner was served. Before a shower, we ate and spend quality time together. Following a bath, we took a brief rest because we had to avoid wasting energy for that third activity at 08.00 pm which barbeque and karaoke time.

Waiting to barbeque was served; person in DG family took consider sing a song. There was joke, song and laugh. Time was getting late. One at a time decided it absolutely was enough time for the rest. The past activity was awaken early to discover sunrise at Bridge of Love and walk to Smaller Tidung Island. Next, we required to have a bath and pack our bag; ready to return to our home and commence our activity with new sprite as well as for first time chapter in our beloved company, DGtraffic.